Sustainable buildings, Sustainable results

Our company

Vabi aims to become the Road-to-Paris platform in the fast growing sustainable buildings market.

With over 2.000 customers, Vabi is the Dutch market leader in building simulation, energy certification and energy advisory software. Our software covers the entire value chain, from investors & property managers up to the contractors en engineering companies.

To assist our customers in the Paris challenges, Vabi offers an integrated platform to report, plan and act on Road to Paris Plans.

Our strength lies in our integrated approach. Our platform acts as a digital bridge between demand and supply, ensuring Road to Paris plans are efficiently made and managed, and predicted building performances are met.

Our products

Vabi Assets for portfolio analysis

Vabi Assets Energie is used by real estate owners, property and facility managers responsible for a portfolio of buildings. With Vabi Assets Energy customers can set ambitions, capture relevant data, prepare high level feasibility studies and report on progress on their Road to Paris plans. Vabi supports relevant governmental legislation (EPBD) and green building methodologies. Vabi Assets Energy provides many functionalities to speed up the data capturing and EPC-inspection process, assure quality and predict building performances.

Vabi EPA for feasibility studies

Our product Vabi EPA is used by certified inspectors, contractors and advisors to generating an energy performance certificate (EPC’s) for residential buildings (EPA-W) and non-residential buildings (EPA-W). The integration within Vabi Assets Energy provides many functionalities to speed up the inspection process, assure quality and share data. This way, our software helps to keep prices down for property managers and increases the productivity of scarce certified inspectors. The module Vabi EPA Maatwerk Advies, is a specialized module which supports a specific Dutch methodology to advice owners on energy saving measures and the costs and benefits. This is accompanied with financial incentives like green loans and subsidies.

Vabi Elements for project modeling

Our Vabi Elements Platform, is the de-facto market standard for the design of efficient and productive HVAC installations for buildings. It translates complex building physics principles and detailed dynamic thermal calculations into actionable insights. From simple offices and houses to complex hospitals. Our software is used by architects, engineers, advisors, contractors and structural engineers, both in the design and retrofit phase of a building. The HVAC related building performances required in a program of requirements are evidenced through Vabi Elements.

Our history

Vabi was founded in 1972 by TNO, the Dutch government and engineering companies, to act as a the Dutch knowledge institute with the aim to design energy efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings.

Over the past decades Vabi developed and maintained a proprietary owned building simulation model. Our building simulation model is the market standard in the Netherlands and used by all major engineering companies for new built and retrofit projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

As a knowledge institute Vabi consultants are part of specific Dutch laws & regulatory committees, both government, semi government and private. These committees create quality standards and handbooks on specific issues.

Our strenghts


Vabi develops reliable proprietary algorithms to model and predict building performances.


Passionate Experts

Vabi is recognized as the Dutch sustainable buildings experts. Our consultants are cooperating with universities, knowledge institutions and regulatory bodies on methodologies and innovations regarding sustainable buildings.


partijen met elkaar verbinden
Strong brand

The Vabi brands stands for trust, reliable and quality. We are seen as a trusted third party. Our products and our consultants are highly regarded by our customers.

3d modelling

Our software is a 3D dynamic simulation model. We deliver simple and fase modelling tools and we provide plug-ins for BIM software and IFC models. Our 3D model is an excellent reporting tool to evidence building performances within a building.


Bringing parties together

Vabi acts as a platform between real estate owners and their suppliers. We have an active partner strategy encompassing advisors, software partners and knowledge partners.


Understanding the business

As a result of our years of experience, we understand the issues and processes of our customers. Our experience is translated into our products, our services and our partner strategy. Vabi and Vabi’s software are trusted by alle market players within the value chain.


Our customers include:

Our partners include: